PLE Sites

Students initiate a PLE (personal learning environment) with a unique, personally chosen web address and begin the process of growing a powerful personal/professional presence for harnessing today’s Web 2.0 networked world. They begin the development process by reflecting and writing on their educational vision and posting it to a WordPress blog that they’ve installed on their PLE. Throughout the course, students have the opportunity to try out new technology and think through how it applies to their own practice. These sites are all a work in progress… stay tuned for more updates.

The word clouds below represent a compilation of concepts that classes came up with as they were writing their “vision of technology in the classroom” paper. You will notices words that stand out – Collaboration, Interactive, Creativity, Relevance… this is what the classroom of the future (and today) must embody to capture the attention of our students and to prepare them for a world that is constantly changing. What a fun challenge!

Click on the link to go to the PLE pages for each mod. I am sure they would love your feedback!



Mod 1 Mod 1
Mod 2 Mod 2
Mod 3 Mod 3
Mod 4  
Mod 5  
Mod 6  

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