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EDU 520
Blake, Molly http://www.birdonawireless.org/
Clymer, Adam http://www.HigherEdNow.org
Higherednow.org is designed to present information, in many forms, to the general public concerning the inner workings of the higher education system in the United States. Students who are currently attending, looking to attend, or just researching will be afforded the opportunity to look passed all the marketing and propaganda that schools use to recruit students. Parents and educators are also welcome to use the site to gain information on what the students are concerned about, what the students want to see changed, and what the students need in post-secondary education.
Essenter, Jessica

I am a 3rd grade teacher in CT. I created this website as a means to communicate with the parents of my students (as well as the students themselves) regarding everything they may need or want to know about my classroom. Information includes everything from curriculum guides, daily schedule, and nightly homework to links to approved learning sites for at home skills practice.
Martin, Becky http://www.forward-thinkers.org
Paopst, John http://www.FizzEdForLife.org
FizzEdForLife.com is a contant state of evolution of Physical Education through collaboration. To provide support to both teachers and students on our journey to quality of life. Personal wellness can be achieved by learning through our peers colleagues and mentors mistakes and triumphed achievements.
Rivenddeneyra, Mary http://www.Luv2Learn.net

Luv2 Learn.net is a teacher -made website for other teachers, students, and school administrators to view and participate in weekly. The theme of the entire website was conceived out of my love for teaching and learning. The website’s focal point is to promote a postive educational experience and to enhance the high-spirited energy that should engage ALL learners. Nowadays, we all need to be Inspired to carry out our professional goals during an Age where the presence of extensive technology and the reduction of monetary budgets can heighten or hinder the future of education. The concept of sharing my “craft”, interactions, insights, and strategies has always been a passion of mine. I hope to communicate this idea as I continue to develop my PLE for all “future learners” who enter Luv2Learn.net. Please stay in touch with me; let me know what YOU think….  Mary Rivadeneyra:-h wave

Sundell, Susan http://www.IfDirtCouldTalk.net

The Outdoor Connection at ifdirtcouldtalk.net is a place where children and their families can come to find practicalideas to learn about the outdoors, learn basic science concepts, and to have fun. As children do not spend the time they used to in the outdoors, valuable skills are being lost and outdoor activities that once brought lifetime joy are not being learned at all. The articles and instructions on the site can be used to remedy this situation and spur the visitor to investigate a topic in more depth. This informal learning environment can have an impact on more formal science learning in the classroom. Topics range from outdoor games, to gardening projects for families, to science concepts and investigations.

Vazquez, Marie http://www.TeacherResourceCafe.net

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