2011 Mod 2

EDU 520
Abbott, Susan http://www.NosEncantaEspanol.com
Balzarini, Jamie http://www.StudentsChoose.net
Baumback, Christian http://www.NewOldSchool.org
Brucella, Kandice http://www.MathForAll.netI am a high school special education and math teacher. My site is geared towards my students and other colleagues looking for ways to spice up their math lessons. My goal is to provide a place where students can come to get math help and to hopefully realize that math is not so scary, and also for other teachers to share their ideas and take others ideas that have worked well.
Catala, Jason http://www.FirstClassEducation.biz
Cole, Aimee http://www.Learning-is-Fun.us
Davies, Anne http://www.MRI-Info.netMRI-Info.net is the combined collaborative effort of students, faculty, and professionals in the field of Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Through this resource, the concepts of MRI physics and image quality are explained.  My intent as a teacher of MRI technology at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences is to have my current  students  create the knowledge base for future generations of students. This resource will be maintained and modified by students as a viable teaching tool for educators as well as online reference when in the workplace.
Degennaro, Deborah http://www.PencilsAreThePast.com
Dorosh, Jennie http://www.LifeOfLearnin.com
Humphrey, Monica http://www.VisualArtopia.com
Krasnor, Leah http://www.PeerHealthEducation.comPeerhealtheducation.com aims to provide both ideas and an open forum for collaboration.  Peerhealtheducation.com wants to foster a sense of encouragement for those who want to start a program or wish to improve an existing program.
McCarty, Denise http://www.SuccessfulClassroom.net
Mirto, Stephen http://www.WoodsTeacher.com
Wang, Lolita http://www.ABCand123.orgYour child goes here everyday for hours to spend time with an adult that’s not you. Do you know where your child is? School! Do you ever wonder what your child’s teacher and classroom is like beyond the “How was school?” “Good” dialogue? On my personal learning environment, parents of primary school students (specifically 2nd graders), other teaching professionals, and anyone interested in teaching can find my insight on the impact of technology on today’s education and the future of children. There are also resources available for anyone interested in the curriculum and subject content of primary school. Please visit and comment on things you like or things you would like to see.
Williams, Stephanie http://www.TogetherWeTeach.net


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