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I saw that with good instructions and well laid out directions, assignments are easy to follow and complete correctly without much frustration (Thank you for this Professor Kurti)! This class has taught me a lot and I enjoyed learning from my other classmates.
(KB, EDU 520)

Thank you to all of my classmates and my professor for creating a great learning environment and helping me become more efficient using technology and for helping me develop more resources. I thoroughly enjoyed working with you all and look forward to future modules with some of you!
(JB, EDU 520)

This has been an amazing journey. In the first week of EDU 505, we were invited to look at the PLE projects created by the then current group of students. My first impression was that they were all technological programming geniuses and that I was doomed. Now, at the end of EDU 520, I look at my PLE in awe. With the guidance of Prof. Kurti, I was able to create an MRI digital resource.
(AD, EDU 520)

I also found the peer reviews to be extremely effective and use the same activity with my students’ writing assignments.  When reviewing others’ work, it forces you to think critically about the expectations and naturally compare your own work to the expectations as well.  Peer feedback also tends to be immediate and very well respected, both in this course and in my classroom.
(DD, EDU 520)

I have really enjoyed this class beyond all my other classes. I found that expressing my creative instinct together with a my passion to learn was much fun, and enjoyable. I enjoyed working in this class, and collaborating with my classmates on expanding our own individual visions of education.
(JD, EDU 520)

I feel this course has been beneficial to me as an educator.  I have learned many great things that I plan on using in my class.  When selecting a master’s program, I wanted to learn material that I would be able to take back and directly use in my content area.  This course has taught me many things that I can apply in my class.  This course has also allowed me to collaborate with some very creative people in different content areas, and I am able to see how technology is used among the different disciplines.
(SM, EDU 520)

“I love the interaction with my classmates. I think that the communication we have developed within each discussion post as well as the water cooler have helped to connect us all the time. I didn’t feel as comfortable with my last classmates as I do now. I like getting positive reinforcement as well as some constructive criticism. We are all new at this (for the most part) and it’s easy to make mistakes. It’s nice to know that we have a support system.”
(MB, EDU 520)

“I learned so much taking this class, I even made new friends, which I’m real excited about. We reflect on assignments and we continue to help each other and just continue to learn more. Thank you for your patience and encouragement. I will highly recommend your class.” (TR)

“I just want to let you know that taking this class has changed my opinion of online classes. I’ve taken one other online class and felt like I was all alone. I like the way you correspond with us and have us correspond with each other. It makes it feel like I’m in a real classroom and have a teacher who really cares for her students. Thanks for the support.”

“I am really enjoying this class. I am learning alot. I enjoy the interaction with the other students. I like how we all help each other when someone has a question. I like the input by the whole class. I am liking this better than I thought.” (DC)

“I am finding the computer a lot less intimidating. Everyone works together. I believe we learn from each other by helping. I feel more excited each day so I would say what went well for me this week is sharing and learning as a team.” (MC)

“I just want to say thank you to you because of your help your are making it possible for me to learn. I am still nervous but not that much as i was before starting this class.” (AK)

“I have really enjoyed taking this class. Never would I have thought that it could be so much fun, but there’s just something about it (I haven’t been able to put my finger on it yet).” (KM)

“All I would like to say is that I am very impressed by how organized this online class is. I didn’t expect this class to flow as smoothly has it has. Thank you!!” (TM)

“Even though ‘the survey says’ I shouldn’t take online classes I think I am going to take at least one to see for myself that I won’t like it or can’t do it. Just the taking classes via satelite. I’ll never take another one again – I didn’t like it. The personal touch was missing. With this Online class I feel that personal touch, I think it just depends on the teacher.” (RR)

“It’s ridiculous how much I’ve learned these last two weeks! You are a great teacher: intelligent, thoughtful and quick to respond. I am learning as much about teaching an online class from how you teach this one as I am learning from the actual course material. Thanks. And though I feel completely overwhelmed adding this class to my life, I am going to continue on with it because I am just learning too much to stop.” (SS – CVC Exemplary Online Courses)

“This instructor is fantastic in this field of study. She is extremely tolerant of students with a bad attitude about having to take a remedial course of study when the student has already obtained the knowledge through experience.” (CSCI101, F2F)

“Friendly, easy going, and always a smile.” (CSCI101, F2F)

“When I had a problem with my system the second week of class, Debby was very understanding of my situation and was very patient with me as far as getting my homework submitted. She is a great asset to the college and I would take another class with her in the future.” (CSCI101, online)

“I would definitely take all of her classes, if possible. She has helped me in many ways to learn. She is great and always there when you have questions. She always gives an honest answer and never makes you feel stupid for asking questions. I would recommend her to anyone.” (CSCI101, online)

“I am really enjoying taking this online class. This experience has made me want to learn more about computers and also integrate computers into other parts of my life. It has also made me want to take more of my classes online.” (CSCI101, online)

“Very nice. Good person. Easy to deal with. Very courteous.” (MA115, online)

“Thanks for being a great teacher,this is my first time back at school except for Fire department classes and they were not real as far as academics go. I may be taking some stuff from you next semester if it’s in the program. You have inspired me to try and get an A.S.” (GL, MA101)

“I definitely feel that the class chats helped my learning experience, and yes it is something that I would like to participate in for other classes. For one, I had never even used Instant Messenging before, so just getting it set up on my computer was a learning experience. On the contrary to being distracted from the class experience, I think it helped to engage everyone even more in the class.” (CY – CSCI 101)

“I had a great experience with the class chats.  I think that it helped my with my learning experience.  I don’t think that it distracted me from the learning experience, it really helped.  I would like to participate in my other classes that I take. I think that more teachers should use IM in their classes.  I think that it would help cut down on response time when someone had a problem or question.  Instead of posting to a class discussion page and waiting for a response you could just sign in to the IM and find out who is out there and IM them.  Your response time will definitely be cut down to mere seconds.” (MQ – CSCI101)

“I think the use of an “instant messaging” software for an online class is essential.  The chat sessions allow students to interact as if there were in a LIVE class environment.  It gives the students a chance to communicate with each other as well as with the instructor.  I feel that the scheduled chat sessions should have occured more frequently. It would have been a fun and engaging way to participate in online activities if we were scheduled weekly chat sessions.” (TB, CSCI101)

“I just want to thank you for always being there I know I didn’t use your help as much as I should have, but I really appreciate the time that you gave me. This class has helped me in many different ways. I use my e-mail at work all the time,  I send attachments almost every day and they work each time.  I am helping other people at my work regarding the computer. Thank you for taking the time to teach this class to us.” (GW, CSCI101)

“I wanted to tell you that I have recommended your class on Dreamweaver to several people.  I found your class to be challenging and an excellent class for learning webpage design.  I’m hoping to take another computer class online in the near future because this class was such a good experience.”  (MR, MA101)

“I was preparing myself to give up again and I don’t want to. This is the last week of classes for me. I am grading term papers (because of letting my students exceed the deadline) and preparing finals for next week. I am feeling overwhelmed and with little time to spend on this class that I so much have wanted to take. I will keep trying, thanks to your message.” (GS, Blackboard)

“Thank you very much. I do appreciate the flexibility since I was rushing to get things done yesterday and wasn’t able to complete all the assignments for Module 2. I have learned so much and I find your class fascinating!Thanks for the opportunity.” (HK, Blackboard)

“I love the moodle classroom and the way you have the class set up, sorry for so many questions but I’m new to the moodle thing! Your class and the text book and everything is great, all the other online classes are not anywhere near as nice as this one.” (JZ, CSCI181)

“Sometimes I tend to focus on my own problems when we all need to pull together to understand a situation. I think that is a big part of the class; working together to solve a problem.The one thing that I find that is very consistant (in your class) is the theme of you have to get your hands dirty by taking the code appart to understand how it works. Dreamweaver was hokus pokus and whala a web page, this class is Some Where over the Rainbow and the little man behind the curtain making the wizard come to life.” (GL, CSCI181)

“Thank you the update. Your explanation has alleviated my concerns and I appreciate that. And it really made me think about necessary contingency plans for online classes. Since my husband is a computer whiz, I’ve come to expect technology to magically work all the time. Who knew your class would start teaching us without having even started yet!” (DS, Blackboard)

“I think you’re a great on-line teacher, really like your class structure on the web site, and your availability.  I will look forward to being in your class next semester.” (TW, CSCI181)

“I appreciate the time you’ve taken to give us a detailed information of the goings on.” (VA, Blackboard)

“If I have any questions, it makes me feel good that if you’re online I can just open a chat and discuss it! This is something that I strongly believe all online profs should adopt, if only for a few hours a week. It totally changes my overall feeling of involvement with the class.” (ER, CSCI181)

“I have really enjoyed Computer Science 101 and when ever there is a question asked there is a very quick response… I enjoy the class and the way both Tom and Debby are accessible, easy to communicate, and with patience are willing to go that extra step to help.” (AS, CSCI101)

“She knows a lot about the subject matter and is enthusiastic about it. She is able to get us excited about it too. I feel that is essential in a good teacher.” (CSCI 101)

“Great instructor, very attentive to our “fear” of computers!!” (CSCI 101)

“I find Debby very friendly and out-going; willing to help students. She has a range of students in this class, from those who know an extreme amount of computer skills to those like myself, who know (or knew) vitually nothing. She has treated us all with respect and has been a help and encourager to me.” (SG, CSCI 101)

“Thank you for a great class. I really appreciate your enthusiasm and encouragement you gave. I am fortunate to work for a very technologically advanced company, so I was not “afraid” of the online medium. What apprehensions that I had, your style and passion put me at ease.” (LK, INST 262)

“I wanted to Thank you for your encouraging words yesterday of ‘keep me informed’ or something to that nature, instead of ‘too bad’. That really gave me the energy and will to sit at the computer and get the project finished on time … Again, thanks for your encouragement, I really appreciate it.” (SJ, CSCI 101)

“You teach by example! It was my pleasure to learn from you.” (RDT, INST 262)

“Debby, thank you for this class. You organized the information well and the assignments were helpful without being overwhelming.” (EA, INST 262)

“At this time I believe the way you have conducted your class instruction is well done (Kudos Debby!!!), allowing everyone the lattitude to expand on whatever particuliar, strikes their interest, without leaving those of us that are still at the elemental stages behind.” (EG, CSCI 181)

“First I want to say I love your class. I’m having fun and learning alot. I seem to be catching on real well. When I started, I only knew basics about computers. Now I know alot more details about the computer and how it works.” (CC, CSCI 101)

“I don’t really have anything to discuss with the instructor in this journal, as the most truely beautiful thing about taking one of your classes is your 24/7 availability to answer questions. I have always admired your dedication to your students, and that, in my opinion, makes you one of the greats.” (DJ, CSCI 101)

“What’s going well for me in class? Well everything, the class moves at a comfortable pace me and I am learning quite a bit in a fun setting. I am still a little confused by some terms and performing some tasks on the computer, but seriously less confussion than before I started this class. The class, as i see it at this point, needs no improvment. the instrutor slows where necessary and covers the material in a way that is easy to follow … I was apprehensive of taking a computer class but the instructor’s approuch has given me a little confidence and some knowledge to overcome my fear of the machine. (yet I think I’ll keep the disk for future referencing even after the class)” (DW, CSCI 101)

“I also feel that both instructors have made themselves extremely attainable via email concerning any issues that may arise for the student. The format of the class is well thought out and easy to understand and the moodle program is simple and easy to use as well.” (MB, CSCI 101)

“I also appreciate your feedback when we do have questions and such for you. It is different taking an online course as opposed to being face-to-face with an instructor, we can kind of GET LOST IN THE CROWD otherwise. It is nice to know that is not the case here.” (MP, CSCI 101)

“Nothing can be improved in this class. I find both of the instructors to be very helpful and quick to assist with any problem. You guys are great! I have had many different online classes and a lot of different computer classes. You guys are always so helpful, while other teachers seem to not have the time for my little computer problems.” (AM, CSCI 101)

“I was very pleased and after this short introduction to robotics “Via lego no less”. I think I am hooked. I will definitely be pursuing more knowledge in this area, Thank you one and all for introducing me to this form of robotic experimentation, programming and design. The Light bulb has been turned on.” (Robert, CSCI 101)

“All in all, this project has been a great learning experience for me. I can take what (my teammates) have shown me about mechanics into a lot of things I may do in the future and working with the programming aspect- even though only minorly successful- has really gotten me curious about programming in general… and I really want to play with an NXT now!!” (Rachel, CSCI 101)

“Teamwork is everywhere in science, but I feel like I’ve really gotten a grasp on it here. I’ve worked in interdependent environments before, but not in so much of a technical frame.” (Dominick, Robotics I, FA06)

“Being able to do things hands-on makes it easier to learn.” (Caleb, Robotics I)

“My major is criminal justice, but now I am thinking of switching to computer science. This is a really great course. I would recommend it to anyone.” (Joey M., Robotics I)

“This project applies to other areas in life. This helps you to think out side of the box, to not only think by yourself but pulling other ideas from other.” (Michelle, CSCI 101/Robotics)

“You had encouraged me when I was having problems standing in front of the class and talking even though you knew that I had a hard time with that and I wanted to thank you for all that you had done for me.” (Liz, CSCI 101)

“Just wanted to say it was a pleasure being in your class. I have learned a lot of things…Although it was a challenging class, I did get through it and I feel good about myself and how I did in the class. You are a very good teacher and I wish I could take your robotics class…Thanks alot for all you have done to futher my education.” (Sandy S., CSCI 101)

“I just wanted to say thanks for all I have learned in this class. You really made me think. I had so much fun in your class and I’m gonna miss you.” (Cris, CSCI 101)

“I would like to say that your class and style of teaching the subject of computers was wonderful. I got a lot more out of the class than I anticipated. And you made it fun to learn a subject I was rather apprehensive of in the beginning. So I would like to thank you for sharing your knowledge with me.” (Duane, CSCI 101)

“I have wanted to tell that my first impression of the class was that I was not really going to learn anything and even if I was going to learn something it was not going to ba something that I would use or even understand. I was taking to the class so I could learn all the programs that you need to know now days to get a good job, but not only am I learning about that. I am also learning how it works in a way that I understand it and I could explain to someone else and it is made interesting not boring. I have learned so much in this class about how computers work and why they work the way that they do. This has been a very interesting class so far. I learn something new everyday and I understand to the point that I can comment on it and have ideas.” (Shannon, CSCI 101)

“I like the fact you are extremely knowledgable in computers. It also helps that you are enthusiastic while you teach. You don’t talk down to us or lecture at us. You live and breathe computers but are not expecting any of us to be the same way as you. Thankfully you treat us like adults with a mind or our own.” (Judy, CSCI 101)

“haha believe it or not that class was alot of fun so i decided to take a computer programming class next year!” (Zach, KRV Robotics)

“I am learning a lot…that may sound funny but in most of my classes (especially summer classes) I memorize then dump and unfortunately don’t learn a lot. This class is one of the first classes that I have taken where I can apply something that I learned the very same day. I feel more comfortable with the class page and I know exactly where to go to find stuff. I am ready to dig in and knock out the second half.” (Andrew, CSCI 101)

“I have enjoyed this class I think the most out of any I have took in a while, and I have looked forward to each new thing I have been taught. It is funny, because before the classes started, I was looking forward to my Personal Finance class, which pertains directly to my Business Degree. Now I find myself rushing through it so I can get back to my computer homework. The class has not been easy; some of the things we did were intensive. But it was always interesting and I felt a sense of accomplishment when I did them.” (Heather, CSCI 101)

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