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Lego HeadI live in high desert of eastern California, slightly out of range of the big city and several miles down a bumpy dirt road. I share my life with a mad scientist and eight wonderful and quickly growing children: Andy, 26; Kymberly, 24; Emilee, 17; Rachel, 16; Cassie, 15; Matt, 14; Gabe, 13; and Adam, 8. My #1 son lives in Orange County with his sweetheart and his #1 son, Logan (born a few days after Christmas 2013). He is going to college on the GI Bill. My #1 daughter is lives in Australia and is working on her microbiology degree. The rest of the “Thundering Herd” keeps us entertained at home. We have about a dozen goats, a flock of chickens that lay blue and green eggs, a golden retriever (“people dog”), a Queensland Heeler (“crazy dog”), a Pembroke Welsh Corgi (“half-a-dog”), a Poo-Chi (“nano-dog”), a huge German shepherd  (“guard dog”), a husky-lab mix that lives her life as if her water bowl was filled with RedBull (“NinjaDog”), and 6 cats (at last count). To say the least, it’s a zoo around here!

I completed my MA in Educational Technology from Pepperdine University. My main focus was researching how to foster communities of practice in my classes and among the faculty that I mentor. I enjoyed all of my courses, but felt like I gained the most from the Leadership and Technology, Mentoring, and Managing Technologies for Changes classes. I was asked to continue my affiliation with Pepperdine by facilitating the “Introduction to Distributed Learning Environments” course that introduces the new cadre of students to the program each summer. It was one of the best academic adventures I have ever been honored to be a part of!

One of my favorite projects involves LEGO Robotics. LEGO? In college? Heck ya! LEGO robotics addresses the STEM standards (science, technology, engineering, mathematics), inspires reflective thinking, problem solving, and finding creative solutions. It gives students real world experience in computer programming and collaborative team work. It just doesn’t get any better than that! Every year we do a robotics demonstration for local high school kids, take on a challenges in my intro to computers class, and show 5th graders that college can be a lot of fun.

Because we weren’t busy enough, my mad scientist and I have started a small educational technology company that gives teachers and students the tools and training to become makers, thinkers, creators, and inventors. The kids all have a part in the business and it’s moving us faster than the speed of light on some days! 

In my spare time I like to read (Vonnegut, Irving, and many others). I also like to go 4-wheeling, geocaching, hiking, and camping. I am especially interested in the “vast intersection of Internet technology and the human experience“. Of course anything techy gets me pretty interested as well!

For more info about my professional life, please visit my C.V. page.  I am quite active on Twitter and Facebook so you can always follow me there as well.

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  • Nice to know you here, I found this blog because i was searching about teaching and learning blog. I’m just starting my academic blog. Just getting inspiration from other bloggers and I found yours. I like this blog, I want to explore more. I have a MA in Computer Education, it’s also my interest to learn more about teaching and learning strategies and development and other stuff that talks about teaching and learning. Keep up the good work!

  • Kristy

    Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I’m really enjoying reading your posts. I’m a math & science teacher getting ready for my second year and looking for fresh ideas. Thanks for sharing!

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