Mental Gymnastics

Posted by Debby on 21st June and posted in It's the Process

Did some mental gymnastics last night. When I IM my friends, it seems like we are always tossing neat sites back and forth to look at. We will share cool sites with great style, stuff that I’d like to keep track of for future inspiration, motivation, and good ideas. Bookmarking doesn’t work because I end up with a million of them, and no one else can benefit. So, what bright idea did I come up with today (as I was avoiding doing my REAL homework?)

A blog, of course!

Hence, the birth of Style and Content, a blog that doesn’t have much of either right now. Still needs a lot of design work… but the idea is there. I’m looking for a different color scheme, but I like the layout.

So, here’s the idea. As we are chatting and a site comes up, I can blog it (or they can blog it). Or, if in the course of our travels around the web we come up with something outstanding, blog it. The criteria is that the site has to have extremely useful web design content and/or an interesting, usable application of style. No junk allowed. The goal is to create a resources for ourselves, but I also want to use this for my classes in the fall if it works out, probably having the students contribute as well. I will encourage the students (and you guys) to comment on posted sites, creating a sort of site review process.

So far, I have 2 categories set up… Style and Content (original, I know). If you think of other categories, let me know. I added a couple of sites to get things going.

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