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Eight AM is very early in the morning for an orientation meeting! Cat, Kathy, and I attended this phone conference session, along with new members from all around the United States, and overseas in Hong Kong. Below is a brief overview of what we covered.

In attendance:

  • John Smith(JS) – in Ohio at his mom’s house; involved in CP2 for about a year with Etienne, John, and Amy.
  • Etienne Wenger (EW) – co-founder of CP2
  • Nick Noakes – Said it was 11pm in Hong Kong and very hot and humid. He was sitting in an air conditioned small room. He is the Associate Director, Center for Enhanced Learning and Teaching at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.
  • Christine Rizzuto – Calling in from NYC.
  • Joanne Gumaer http://www.illiniaq.com– Project Management Facilitator & Trainer. From Toronto, lives on Lake Ontario.
  • Lujean Baab – Allentown, PA. Working on Pepperdine dissertation project.
  • Marty Hill – Lives on the Virginia side of Washington, DC, been involved in CPs for about 3 years. Chair, Knowledge Managment COP, Healthcare Information and Managment Systems Society.
  • Dr. Harvey Wiener – Central CT. Works for Bristol Meyers-Squibb, involved in CPs for 5 years.
  • Kathy Milhauser– Works at the Nike office in Oregon; Pepperdine OMAET student.
  • Kathy Cronin – Menlo Park, CA. Pepperdine OMAET student; working on summer camp project.
  • Shelly Hourston – Vancouver, BC Program Director, BC Coalition of People with Disabilities

John began the orientation by showing us the diagram to the right outlining the vision of CPSquare. The founders envisioned the organization with four main focuses: events and activities; practice groups; educational offerings; and interactive resource base. The membership would consist of individuals, researchers, consultants, partnering organizations, and sponsoring organizations.
Etienne talked about the governance of the conference decided about at CPWeek. There will be a transitional committee with a 6 month charter to take care of businees within CP2 and to take care of the design of the governance structure that will be member run. Expect a bit of chaos because it is a structure that is searching for itself. It is a community in transition and an opportunity to observe how communities are formed and organized.

John said that CP2 is the idea of “walking the talk” which has a visionary aspect but it means embracing the bumps of inquiry. He talked about community going in unexpected directions prompted by members, for example, the agriculure PG that is looking at how to help farmers, researchers, and government bodies speak to each other.

Etienne said that one of the questions to ask yourself is “Where do I fit, what can I do? Is there a practice group that works for me, or is there a group I could create.” These groups are formed in response to the interests of the members.
John mentioned that one of the interesting tensions in CP2 is how can we provide the infrastructure that PGs need, how can we address the needs of members, how can a PG serve the larger community? The challenge is in trying to invent an organization that serves the community, and the community serves a larger movement that serves the world. A tension between theory and understand how things work and a practice of how to apply those things to change the world.
He encouraged us to explore the site, and if we see things that need attention or if we have suggestions to drop them a line with suggestions.

Etienne led a tour of member site. He showed how to find member profiles and explained that member spaces contain personal objects as well as objects uploaded to other areas of the site.

Members in a PG assorted according to categories: Core group (leadership group), active member (participate in projects), peripheral member (not necessarily interested in becoming active in the group projects, but wants to be informed).
Types of objects you can enter: best practice, book, community case study, community-based initiative, member profile, document, event, multimedia file, presentation, suggestion, weblog, website.

After the phone conference, Nick, Cat and I had an email exchange expressing interested in pursuing a higher education practice group, either within the exisiting Education PG, or as its own entity, depending on the interest of others. It is something that we are going to look into once Pepperdine is done. The conversation continues…

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