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Email to Sue: 2/27/03
This OMAET program has been valuable for reasons that are probably different from most of the other students. I feel like I have been instinctively doing the community of practice thing in my classroom, and in several online communities I moderate, for a long time. Most of what we have read has made sense, and the assignments haven’t been a real stretch for me (although time is always an issue!). What OMAET has done is to put theories and research behind the ideas that I knew worked and were right. I has given me the vocabulary to discuss it and ideas for how to encourage a sense of community in my online classes. It has shown me, through practice, how to apply those theories to real situations. I feel like I have been soaking it all up and am getting ready to give some back to the instructors I mentor on campus. I feel like I coming back around full circle to where I started from, but moving up a notch. I don’t know if that makes sense, but in my mind’s eye I visualize that upward spiral we read about last tri. Now, I just wish there was more time to read ALL of the books!

Sue’s response:
Your concept about circling back around at a higher level is absolutely in keeping with the learning theories as we currently are beginning to understand them. Through interaction with others and through application of theory you develop a richer understanding of concepts….and then you circle back around to applying the richer understanding of those concepts!

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