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Posted by Debby on 20th October and posted in EDC 638A

Tried something new again in my Intro to Internet class. Instead of the typical 20 question final quiz, I set up 20-30 minute chat times. Each student had to sign up for a time to meet on AIM. I came up with a list of questions to choose from. At the beginning of each time I gave the following general instructions:
We have covered a lot of information in this class. Part of the final involves being able to communicate online. Since you are here, you have already aced that part 🙂 I am going to ask you some questions that come from the different topics we have learned about in the last 9 weeks. For an answer to get full credit, it needs to address the question completely and show a good understanding of the topic. Remember, this is a college final, so you should strive to use good grammar and complete sentences. Don’t stress over minor typos, but do try to write so I can understand your answer. I will save a copy of our chat transcript for my records of your final exam. Any questions?
Tip: If you have a long answer, type a sentence or two followed by … That will let me know more is coming. When you have finished your answer, let me know by typing .

So far, about half the class has taken the final. Tomorrow is the big day, with 7 students signed up. The response has been positive from the students, and I feel like I have been able to make a final, personal contact with each one. The questions I am asking address general themes instead of dates and places. I am hoping to get them looking at the big picture of the Internet. I finished off each interview with these questions:

  • What is the most useful thing you learned in this class? How has it helped you?
  • Was there something we didn’t cover that you would have liked to know more about?

    I think if I use this technique again, I will allow for more time. I didn’t factor in that some students are slower typists than others. It seemed like one or two of them were taking the time to look things up. I would prefer answers off the top of their head instead, so I might include an instruction about a time limit to start answering the question in the future.
    I will follow up with more comments after all of the finals are given tomorrow.

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