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Posted by Debby on 6th December and posted in EDC 664

Hi 5-ds,

Remember that I said—if your journal and and final reflection is all about what you are learning (description) you will not be approaching the assignment with the proper mindset.

I want you to use your learning as a case study. You are the being asked to step outside of yourself and watch how you learned. Your journal should have focused on HOW you are learning (and less on WHAT you are learning).

 Your portfolio is about WHAT you learned–the content. Take a look at Cat’s for a nice display of what she learned about making documentaries, or Doug’s or how you go about setting up a salt water aquarium. This can take many different forms but it should share with others what you learned. Your blueprint is the outline…what ever you said you would make should be made–for example, Meghan’s mood music is a different sort of example as is Tamara reports on their lego learning circle. (These examples have been picked because the are the “best” but rather they index the frail age of my memory for what I have just finished reading. If you feel slighted, my deepest apologies. I am reading based on order posted in newsgroups and I am also responding to email requests for review of drafts. If you have finished a draft of your reflection, send the link to and I will try to get back to you.)

How is the journal different than the final reflection?

The journal is about your learning process… it is the data for the final reflection.
The final reflection is NOT about your topic, and it is NOT about your learning but is about what you have learned about learning. It is your chance to lay out your theory of learning building on the theories that you have read, thinking about the experiences of others and coming to your notions about what learning is. If you were going to write a book on how people learn, what would your chapters be? What would be critical for others to understand about learning. This is why you looked not just at your own learning but at the learning of 5 other people. Did they find that same things as you? This is why we share insights…are they the same or different? Which would everyone agree on. Which support what you read in the book, which are counter? If you were going to arrange school or work to support learning how would it be different. There are as many ways to write this as their are people. You can pick your own style –I am interested in knowing what you think learning is.

OK? See the difference?

I am not looking for a term paper. A essay is fine. Remember the reflection you read at the beginning of the class. This is type of thinking that would earn you an A. Think of it as a essay you might share with parents, send to a journal or read to your students.


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