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Posted by Debby on 3rd December and posted in EDC 664

There are 8 of you that did not get the chance to share your insights with us this week. We will hear from you next week. Meanwhile here is a class set of insights to get you started as you write about what you have learned about learning in the past semester. It is ok to share some personal reflections on your own learning styles but the reason that you worked with others is to draw some more general issues about learning. You might speed read the books we read, getting ideas for what can you understand better through your collective or individual experience. There are many other points that I am sure that the last third of you are dying to share. I will see all of you next week. Meanwhile, I will be enjoying your portfolios. Look in newsgroups for comments.

  • Jo-Anne –achievement motivation can get in the way of learning. Perfection is not a quality of first efforts and too much of a emphasis on perfection can inhibit the process of learning.
  • Cat — Ties to personal life create an emotional link which can be used to motivate learning. Community is also very powerful way to learn more about yourself. And learning has ups and downs, not linear process.
  • Kristine — Learning has a timetable and trust is a prerequisite for building knowledge. Links to what is known and what needs to be learned. Mistakes play a role in learning and it might be worthwhile to explore what that role is.
  • Kathy — Metacognition is an important player in the learning process–reflection was a large part of the learning process
  • Tom — learning styles are mixed and they are not in the same order for different tasks. Our expectations can inhibit the process. Preparing for a lecture makes it more enjoyable. When you have a need to know, someone who shares the information can be very valuable.
  • Betty — raises the issue of reading, what role it plays particular in the area of creative arts. What is the role of practice and how does it relate to reading?
  • Pieta — The role of validation in the learning process. Raises the issue of the role of assessments by others. That learning is related to being in a club with others who have similar interests.
  • Gary — modality of learning is influenced by the context and prior learning
  • Doug — the social dimensions of learning–the value of expertise and mentoring — teaching is the way of giving back to the community
  • Meghan— collaboration gives a sense of patience in my learning–and forces you to admit what you don’t know. Not knowing is a step closer to learning. It opens up the door for group learning.
  • Neena— you don’t own it until you build it–learn new things as you organize ideas
  • Valerie – Reflection on a process suggests that social environments can be more motivating for learning. Found that learning in the club is more fun that learning alone. And learning that is fun can result in a change in self perception.
  • Renee — Learning requires a safe environment–sharing your ideas is risky –no one likes to not know–even novices are afraid to learn too slow. But the joy of learning is to teach someone else.
  • Sarah — Aspect of the expert and transfer of learning to new contexts–learning is not necessarily linear.
  • Margo — Learning from an expert can be frustrating — expertise is not enough to make someone a good teacher. But you can take learning from them if you try hard enough.

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