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Posted by Debby on 27th October and posted in EDC 664

In the process of moving out boxes from the garage and putting things away, I came across a book from Sunset called “Ideas for Children’s Rooms and Play Yards”. As I flipped through the pages, I found some fun and interesting ideas. One picture caught my attention, however. I’ll have to try to scan it in and upload it. It shows a globe, barometer, thermometer, clock, TV, and an apparently very early personal computer. The TV is displaying some math problems in that choppy “PacMan” looking font. The caption reads:

“Classic technology clusters around an intriguing – if costly – newcomer: a home computer. Instruments shown here are a globe, a barometer, a thermoneter that dispenses weather information in both Celsius and Farehnheit, and a battery-operated clock. The computer broadcasts math exercises via the family TV (it can also straighten out the parent’s tax confusions).”

The book is dated 1980. Funny how they use the television term “broadcast” to refer to what they computer is doing. I guess common techno-babble wasn’t part of the popular culture yet!

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