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Posted by Debby on 20th October and posted in EDC 664

It’s amazing how time flies when you are moving into a new house and going to conferences. This is the first weekend in 2 months that I have been home. Two naps in two days … it’s a record!

Now it’s time to focus on Pepperdine and catching up. I am learning that everything takes longer than planned, especially when it comes to unpacking and getting stuff organized. I am not sure I’ll be able to meet all of the deadlines I set up in my learning blueprint, but I will certainly be able to spend some time now with the project. It will get done, I’m just not sure how soon.

 I think I have mentioned before that I really like to gather information before I start something. I take a lot of input to determine what direction I want to go with a project and where I want to turn my attention. In the input process something will catch my attention and I will spend some time following that path. Sometimes I turn back to the original trail, and other times I see where the new ideas lead me. This learning pattern is probably one of the reasons it took me so long to earn my BA degree. I started off as an English major, not quite sure where I wanted to go with it. Every so often I would take a general ed class that would shift my focus for a while until something new came along. On the way I learned a little bit about a lot of things until one semester I took a class in linguistics and something just clicked. I knew from the first day in that first linguistics class that this was what I was going to graduate with. I always know that I will find a path at some point along the way, so the journey doesn’t usually worry me. I learn what I can and enjoy the scenery as I go.

So how does that relate to my learning blueprint project? Right now I am wandering down the path not quite sure where I want to end up. My magazine subscriptions have started coming in … House Beautiful, Better Homes and Gardens, Sunset. I have been scanning them for ideas that I can apply to the kids’ room, marking those that look like ones I can use. I am developing a sense of how I want things to look, how I want to use the space available, and what type of furniture I would like to put in there.

Today I spent some time reading about painting techniques. The Decorating Country Style book has a whole section on how to do different techniques. One of the ones I really liked is the tongue-and-groove style that gives a plain wall a Shaker look with just paint. It is really neat! The technique involves several layers of paint, masking off different sections, and applying shadowing to make the board effect. The book goes into details with a color guide to help match colors that are complimentary. I showed the idea to my older daughter and she likes the look so we may try it out in her room once the little kids are set up in their own room.

I still need to find some more information about decorating children’s rooms. I am going to spend some time on tonight looking for a book or two that specifically goes into details on that topic. This week I am going to contact some local decorators and see if they offer any classes. It’s been a hectic 2 months, but I think things are going to settle down now (one can always hope!).

  • Doug

    Your project sounds like a lot of fun, Debby -But stressful! It seems like you know what kind of learner you are…it’s hard to focus on just one thing at a time sometimes (I have that problem), and those little turnouts in your learning process may give you just the break you need.
    From my perspective, it’s good to chew on design a while (I should have chewed on mine a little while longer in one room!), although at some points I’ve found myself faced with so many decisions, it’s hard to make the “right one.” Kinda like walking down the cereal aisle at the grocery store!

  • Cat

    I am impressed by the number of balls you have in the air! The move,
    the conferences, OMAET, your job, your kids . . . wow!
    So is this typical? You seem to be energized, maybe just rested from
    the two naps? How is your learning affected by being under pressure?
    You say you don’t know how you are going to fit in the project, but I
    don’t sense any panic at all. You seem to be ready to go now.
    You mention the journey through your undergrad years as an example of
    your learning style. Sounds very exploratory. I will be interested in
    how this learning experience compares to that one.

  • Debby Kilburn

    Interesting that you mention pressure. Actually I work really well under pressure, as long as I have gathered all of my resources ahead of time. I like to have all the info floating around in my head for a period of time. Then when the deadline is upon me, I can sit down and crank out what I need to. I’ve done all of the “prewriting” in my head, and it seems to take a deadline to press me into action. The only problem I encounter with this strategy these days, that I didn’t have as much in my undergrad work, is variables outside of my control… children, husband, work issues, etc. There are a lot more of these now days to pop up and throw a monkeywrench into things. You never know when one of the kids is going to crash into some other kids and need to see the doctor (like yesterday!).

  • Peita

    I too have looked in magazines for ideas – and I gather a lot of resources. Do you find that you are a visual person so that when you see it you will know “ah ha! that’s what I want!” or is it just to get a multiple of ideas? I’m amazed that you can get anything done with everything that has gone on in the past two months.
    Do you think you will find ideas that you will have to try out first before you actually do it in the kids room, or will you see something and say “hey, let’s see how this goes.”?

  • Debby

    I do have “ah ha” moments. Sometimes I see something and just know that it what I am thinking about. I do like to plan ahead of time for things, but a big part of that planning involves just thinking about the options. Once I get to the “doing” part, I usually get pretty focused.
    It has been a busy two months. I need to find a cave with broadband Internet access and hole up there for a week or two to get to the point where I feel caught up.

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