#Linux is an operating system that basically acts as a platform for your computer…

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#Linux is an operating system that basically acts as a platform for your computer to run on. Despite #Linux having advanced capabilities than other operating systems, #Linux is not as widely used as its peers Windows, Mac OS X and Android. However, IT geeks and technicians are becoming increasingly frustrated with the shortcomings of the industry leader and are turning to #Linux to improve the personal computer systems.

A variation of #Linux is used by many companies in the technology industry and most super computers are run on a variation of #Linux. One of the key selling points for #Linux is that is it designed with security in mind and has encrypted codes as standard, therefore reducing the threat of virus attacks.

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A Beginner´s Guide To Linux – The Basics You Should Know – Linux notes from DarkDuck

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  • And let’s not forget the all-important fact that it is FREE, and will run well on older systems! A highly important consideration for cash strapped districts and schools. I’m completely flabbergasted when vast sums are put towards flashy, proprietary, close walled garden systems that will be rendered outdated in 2 years.

  • Debby Kurti

    I totally agree with you! In these critical budget times, you would think there would be more emphasis on open source solutions. I bet they could set up a class for tech minded students to run maintenance, saving even more $$ and giving the kids work experience opportunities. M$ is pretty well entrenched in the system, that’s for sure!

  • Windows 8 will be doing them some favors 😉

  • Small bits of content which are explained in details, helps me understand the topic, thank you!

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