Refocus? or Add?

Posted by Debby on 19th January and posted in EDC 638B

I have been doing some thinking about my ARP (I really need to do some writing on it). I would like to include a piece about mentoring online faculty. I am very concerned about online retention rates, and I think changing my own teaching strategies is great, but I would like to help other instructors figure out what works best also. We have more online instructors this semester than ever before and the demand for classes is high. Almost every online class has a waiting list. One of my ideas is a brown bag lunch series that we can use to discuss topics such as communication in the classroom, etc. I am scheduling one for this week or next depending on when the room is available. For the most part, the faculty involved are very interested in participating, so that is a good start 🙂
As for my own teaching, I think I am going to focus on my research class. This will be the third time through, so I will be able to look at some of the things I did in previous classes, and work to make changes in the current one. It doesn’t start until February, so I have some time to think through exactly what I want to do.

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