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Your document should include the following sections. Most sections will probably need between one and two pages each to give the information. It should include the following sections:
What were you hoping to accomplish in your own practice and in the surrounding environment? What problem did you see that needed to be fixed? From what research base did you design a possible solution?

What did you try? With whom did you try it? What happened?
What data did you collect? When did you collect it? From whom did you collect it? Although it is not necessary to put every piece on your web site, include summaries and representative examples of your data.
What did you learn as you reflected on the data gathered during your activities? What connections can you make to your readings in other classes or in your outside reading? What did you learn about yourself, your practice, and the people involved in your ARP?
Any surprises? Did you learn anything…see anything…realize anything…that you didn’t expect? Any new twists to your ARP?
Where to go from here
As a result of your reflection, what do you see yourself trying in the next cycle? This should be based on both what happened in your first cycle and your research. You may end up doing some more reading based on your first cycle results. This section will become the rough draft for your goal section in the next cycle document.
When determining a grade, I will look at the richness of your experience in your ARP, your understanding of the ARP process, your fulfillment of the requirements stated above (a final cycle doc)

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