Mentor Meeting

Posted by Debby on 23rd February and posted in EDC 639

FH and I had our first meeting on Thursday during the Leadership Porterville all day class. She had invited me to the lunch portion so she could introduce me to the rest of the group. We didn’t get much time to talk, but it was nice to touch base and see who else was involved in the program. One thing that FH did tell me she wanted my help with was public speaking and meeting leadership skills. They each have to take turns leading a meeting and she is very nervous about it. I think that is something I can help her with.

The Leadership Porterville staff gave me a mentor folder that had several articles in it, including information about the mentor program, myths about mentoring, and other stuff. I uploaded the most relevant information to my EDC 639 page. I think this is going to be a fun and rewarding project!

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