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In Florida we had to map our the areas that influence us as well as our mentees (gotta come up with a better word for that!). F has things pulling at her from several different directions currently. She has been a single parent since she was pregnant with her second son – dad walked away. Her oldest son was a constant struggle as he learned to deal with ADHD and other issues. He is currently in state prison for a theft charge. He is located in the northern part of the state, so she isn’t able to visit as often as she would like. He has a daughter who lives in town, but F isn’t able to see her much because of the mother. The younger son seems to be doing better. He is married and living in Northern California, working to support his family. She has been working as an executive secretary for 7 or 8 years now and enjoys that position, although it is very challenging and demanding. She has become active in community events, working at Chamber of Commerce events, and now participating in the Leadership Porterville program. Through all of her challenges, she has tried to stay active in church activities.

Eventually, F wants to attend college and get her degree so she can work with children’s services. We have known each other for several years and she looks to me as an educational mentor. She was aware of my struggles to complete my degree while raising a young family and communiting 85 miles each way to school (where was distance ed then?!?). My hope is that I can continue to encourage her, provide support as needed, and point her to resources to help her attain her goals.

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