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Posted by Debby on 8th May and posted in EDC 638C

The workshop was presented at 9am on Thursday, May 8th. I made sure to get down to the room by 8 with some of my materials so I would have ample time to set up, get connected, etc. Good thing I did! There was no way to connect to the projector or Internet. I called in tech support and they were able to get me connected to the projector, but we never did get the internet connection going. The night before I had made some screen shots and created a brief website to illustrate the class, just in case I couldn’t get online .

The room was set up with about 10 round tables, a presenter table in the front, a podium, and a screen. I brought 35 copies of handouts and ran out. I started off the workshop with an introduction of myself as an online student, an online teacher, and a mentor to other online faculty. I talked about my experience as an online student and how it prepared me to teach online. I told them that I wanted it to be a discussion and not an hour long lecture, and that I was hoping to get some good ideas from them also.
The format for my presentation was to discuss the problem, the solution, and the issues involved in development of the Successful Online Student class. After my introduction, I launched into the “problem” portion by giving each table a huge post-it note and a marker. I asked them to brainstorm on some of the problems they have encountered with students being unprepared. As each group discussed the issue, I walked around and had the opportunity to talk with different people. The discussion was quite active and as each group finished their poster, they stuck it on the wall so we could all see it. Once everyone was done, I used the posters as a launch point to talk about some of the reasons that our campus decided to create a Successful Student class. There were several common themes: motivation, technical skills, concept that online classes are easy, time management skills, becoming familiar with the CMS, etc.
I then talked about the development process of the course. I had asked the online instructors what skills they wanted their students to have, as well as asking students what they felt they needed to know. We decided on the two week format because it gave students the skills they needed quickly before they got behind in their other online courses. I included topics that the instructors requested as well as other things I thought important, such as how to find online classes (CVC Catalog), how to evaluation information found on the Internet, and using chat rooms. There were a lot of questions from the audience and the time went by quickly.
I finished by showing some screen shots of the class, including my spider on the Announcements page that encourages them to scroll to the bottom of the screen. I explained that my goal with the class was to set up something that was fun, engaging, and non-threatening. New online students have enough anxiety as it is, and I wanted to set some of that to ease. I talked about the ice breaker activity and how it usually generates close to 200 posts within a day or two, getting students to use the discussion board without even thinking about it.
After the presentation, several people came up to me and told me that it was a very useful topic for them. They enjoyed how I presented things and thanked me. There were a few folks interested in using my class as a model for their own colleges. I told them to email me and I would give them access to the class. Overall, I would say it was quite a successful experience!

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