Making Plans

Posted by Debby on 10th June and posted in EDC 667

“It happens to us all. We look out into the future, trying our best to make wise decisions, only to find ourselves staring into the teeth of ferocious and widespread uncertainties. If only everything didn’t depend on, well, everything else. How do we decide what kind of career path to pursue when it’s not clear what industries will exist in 10 or 15 years? How do we plan our children’s education when we can’t know what sort of society they’ll live in? As we face each of these problems, we confront a deeper dilemma: how do we strike a balance between prediction – believing that we can see past these uncertainties when in fact we can’t – and paralysis – letting the uncertainties freeze us into inactivity. “

How do you look into the future and plan? Not much academic I learned in school prepared me for what I teach today… how could it? In the early 80s, where was the Internet? What was web design? Anyone know what to do with a GUI?
This article from Wired Magazine discusses how to plan for an uncertain future and build scenarios from what might happen, based on your vision of where you want it to go.

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