Purpose Mastery Summary

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Cashman, p. 82
(1) Focus on how to make a difference: Connect with purpose by understanding how your gifts can be of service to others and the world. Leadership is expressing your talents in the service of others.
(2) Get in touch with your values: Values will guide you to your purpose. Pay attention to what interests, energizes, and excites you. The language of leadership is expressed through our values; leaders remind people which values are important.

(3) Act “on-purpose”: Dream it and then do it! Doubt your doubts and remember your dreams. Courageous leaders are centered in purpose.
(4) Be purposeful in all domains: Understand your purpose gaps – those parts of your life lacking expression of purpose. Expand your purpose into all areas of your life.
(5) Encourage others to find purpose: Be a true leader by helping others connect with what is meaningful to them.
(6) Seek the goal: Be careful not to mistake the path for the goal. Seek your own unique purpose. The philosophies, techniques, or views of others are your tools, not your goal. Express your own leadership voice.
(7) Learn from “failure”: Be open to the purposeful learning contained in unexpected or unintended life experiences. the truest test of your character as a leader is the manner in which you deal with failure.
(8) Be flexible: Even though your essential purpose will be a constant throughout your life, how you express it will change as you evolve through various stages.

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