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From the Cashman book, an exercise in personal reflection:

Go to your favorite spot to sit. Get comfortable. Close your eyes but don’t lie down. (Remember, this is an awakening exercise, so our goal is to wake up, not to sleep!) Listen to your internal dialogue and chatter. “This is a dumb exercise!” “Why did I buy this book?” “I’m hungry.” “I’m tired.” “I’m worried about … ” Observe the dialogue in a non-judging way. Don’t mind your thoughts and feelings; just let them be there and pass in and out. Let your thoughts settle down. This will happen naturally in your non-judging state.

 Start to listen. Listen for your inner voice, not the one in your head with the dialogue and thoughts. Listen for the one in the center of your chest, the “voice” that speaks to you through feelings, inspirations, and intuitions.

From that place, ask questions and listen: “What is really important to me? How do I really want to live my life? What gives passion, meaning, and purpose to my life? How can I make even more of a difference? How can I live connected to these inner values?” Let the questions and answers come to you easily and spontaneously.

Some people prefer doing this while listening to gentle music, others while walking; there are many ways to open up to this state. Use whatever way works for you and practice it regularly. There are endless layers to awaken. If you’re a bit uncomfortable or embarrassed at first, don’t worry about it. Over time you will settle into it, and your discomfort will pass.

  • I’ve already done that! 🙂 I know exactly where I want to be and how I want to live my life. That inner voice speaks to me everyday. Sometimes I get sidetracked by my stupidity located inside my head but it goes away with the passing of that day. Who doesn’t have those days? It does feel embarrasing to know where you want to be when you are with people that have no idea where to look for the answers. That’s why it’s nice to be with you and Brandon and everyone. Right now is where I belong. This is my home! 🙂

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