Posted by Debby on 25th July and posted in Teaching and Learning

Seriously… I think there’s radar or GPS or something hooked up to the door of my office. I wasn’t even able to get out of the house until about 11:30 because of IMs, emails, and a few small chores. I came in around noon to work, thinking I’d be able to get more focused here than at home with all of the distractions there are there. Ha! Silly me 🙂

As soon as I walked in, a conversation that began with a simple “hey, how’s it going” turned into a very in-depth discussion of some very personal issues… a student in the online class that just started yesterday walked into my office and talked for about 20 minutes… I had about 10 myspace messages back and forth with someone who needs some special attention right now… I was IMd into a conversation about education and local schools… I got another IM checking in to see how I was doing that ended up with a conversation about an Eagle Scout project… I got a text message from a friend in the bay area asking “hey u how is life. finished hp last night. good book!”… I did manage to squeak out a list of things to do, including printing out a sublist of things to do for one of the things on my todo list 🙂 The phone message light is red indicating that I really should check it, but it’s not on my list at the moment. Neither is picking up my mail. It’s not going anywhere!

I did just spend an hour responding to discussion board posts in the successful student class… way fun stuff! Next I’ll turn my attention to the moodle class grading that I am so far behind in. The pace is picking up… almost time to hold on tight, buckle my seatbelt, and kick it into high gear. Guess this is just practice!

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