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Posted by Debby on 17th November and posted in Teaching and Learning

Had a chance to chat with an online student this afternoon. He is a naval aviator and was deployed to Japan a few weeks ago. It’s put him behind on some things and he wanted to see if he could catch up. One of the first things he said was:
MW: I have been introduced to many new technologies in your class and I must say they are extremely useful. I wish I had taken this class sooner. I will try using google video chat with my family back home. I didn’t notice there was a chat box in email until you just texted me right now.
We chatted about topics he could use for some of the assignments and I suggested that he write about things he is familiar with, like aviation technology, because that would be quite interesting.
MW: Many of us in the military sometimes forget that what is daily routine work for us may be very interesting for folks back home.
me: yep… I have to keep that perspective also when I teach “newbies”. What is routine and normal for me is like magic to some of them.
MW: You are absolutely right. The first time I attend your class I thought the things you do were magical!
me: it’s only magical when the internet goes “POOF” and you aren’t expecting it 🙂
We talked about being deployed and I had another idea for him:
MW: Navy usually keep us flyboys in for a long time. In a sense we feel home sick after the first few months.
me: so here’s another topic idea… how technology (or what technology) facilitates communication home when you are deployed at sea or far away.
MW: That’s a very interesting topic. Most of us are still using “freedom card” for calls and after taking this class I feel there must be better ways to keep in touch with folks back home.
me: freedom cards?
MW: It’s like a calling card we use to call home. We get certain allowance every month.
MW: I feel with the new internet communication like we mentioned in class with youtube, twitter, and google chat are all good alternatives.
me: is there internet access when you are on the ship?
MW: We have internet access but it is not reliable. It is censored and when the CO doesn’t like it will be shut down in the name of mission status.

It was a good chat. Nice to hear that what I am teaching is being put to practical use in the real world 🙂

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