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Posted by Debby on 17th May and posted in Cultivating Communities, Teaching and Learning

Occupation Professor of Computer Science, Cerro Coso Community College

Previous board experience currently Site Council member & secretary, Inyokern Elementary School

Areas of expertise/contributions you feel you can make:

As a college professor, one of the biggest problems I see from students coming out of the traditional public school system is the inability to engage in self-motivated and self-directed learning. Their ability to problem solve and think creatively are skills that are often sadly lacking. Education is no longer about memorizing facts for a test. Students need to be better prepared for 21st century careers that demand they know how to find, interpret, analyze, synthesize, create, and utilize information and teachers need to be better supported to help students prepare for careers that may not even exist yet.

I believe my background experiences and education will help me share this vision with the Charter School community. I spent several years as a K12 substitute teacher. I have homeschooled my older children. I have been a community college technology professor teaching both students and faculty for over 11 years. I have participated in educational outreach activities to the K-12 students in our area. I have an MA in educational technology from Pepperdine University. Most importantly, however, I am a parent who cares about the education my children receive and I have a desire to help make that the best possible experience for them and classmates.

Why you are interested in serving on the RCS board:

As the mother of five and stepmother of three, ranging in ages from 2-20, I have a long-running interest in the educational system my children are involved in. I also have a strong belief in community service and feel this is a place I can make a positive contribution. I have been impressed with what I have seen at Charter this year and would like to help guide the direction of the school in the years to come. I am excited about the possibility of working with the students, teachers and staff to help them define and realize their vision for what this school can become!

  • Hi Debby,

    I would appoint/hire/recomment you in a heartbeat. This was fun to read.

    I have seen you on several blogs and my head is spinning trying to keep up with you since I last saw you at the football game and you announced some wonderful information…. well? This is an old post, and you mention stepchildren… so…. congratulations!

    Is there another, more personal blog where I can go?

    let me know, here, I’m moonchild, jenny (my honest-to-goodness nickname) … you know, sister McIntire…!!!!

    Let me know, I have really enjoyed following your brilliant career.

    Love, Janice (remember, Ja-niece), yeah, that one…. ha

  • I hope you know I meant, “recommend” (ok, so my glasses are broken).

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