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Wednesday I decided to contact a student I hadn’t seen in two weeks. That was sort of unusual because he normally lets me know if he is going to be gone. I dropped him a note via myspace asking him if everything was ok and he responded back that there had been some things going on and he didn’t have a ride to the college. I offered to come get him and he enthusiastically accepted. We exchanged cell phone numbers and I got his address. When I picked him up, he kept thanking me. I know a little about what is going on at home with him and we talked about how important it was to stay focused on the long term goal… his education… because that will be what pulls him out of where he is and gives him the freedom to follow his dreams. I know, however, that for many of my students, there is a huge disconnect between the reality of their lives and the pursuit of their dreams. They need to understand that they can do what it takes to get through the day while keeping that long term goal in mind… even if it means just one class a semester. He’s a good kid and hopefully he will get it all figured out.

At lunch I was talking to Steve about the situation. He made some comment about crazy teachers who actually care about their students. Made me wonder if that was a strange thing… offering to go to a house to pick up a kid who didn’t have a ride to school. It’s not strange for me because I do stuff like that all the time for “my guys”. I hope it’s not too strange for others either, because if it is, maybe they should re-think why they went into teaching in the first place. Again, it’s not about the paycheck. It’s about the people.

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