It’s a wrap

Posted by Debby on 15th May and posted in Cultivating Communities, Robotics, Teaching and Learning

Tonight was the last night of robo class. As always, mixed feelings. Glad the semester is over, for a lot of reasons, but I will really miss that class. How many students leave a class proud to be alumni? Wanting shirts professing they are “Robo-Vets”? This whole class did! The energy, the enthusiasm, the motivation, the crazy pace and insane ideas… that all fuels my own passion for learning. I think my favorite part of tonight, however, was sitting around the table with my robo-vets after the projects ran. The not-so-newbies were in the room breaking down and cleaning up while we debriefed each group. I had the grade sheet, but as a team, we discussed what the grade should be. Alex, Joe, Dominick, Eric, Chuck, Robert, and Mike all contributed to the final assessment. As we sat around and talked, I kept thinking what a cool thing this was, this peer assessment. I learned so much from their comments, as they came up with things I would not have thought about. It is an amazing collaboration, this robo class, one in which newbies rub elbows with knowbies, where those who have experience have an opportunity to mentor and teach their peers, where we all get an opportunity to expand our knowledge by associating with robo-friends from the community. I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating… there is magic in those little plastic bricks, something that facilitates social learning on levels that almost nothing can duplicate. I can’t wait until next semester!

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