what makes us different?

Posted by Debby on 1st April and posted in Cultivating Communities

Dan and I were talking last night about how amazed we were at what had been accomplished. Something we both thought would take all week was finished in a day. I wondered aloud if there were other groups of students on campus who were like us, because I think we both recognized that there is a lot more involved in this than just a “club”. The night before, at the improv talent show, we had spent some time outside with the drama guys, many of whom I know. I was there with a bunch of my guys and they were all clowning around. I sensed a similar community among those students as well.

I was thinking about it again this morning. What makes us different? And what was it about the drama guys that struck me as similar? What other groups on campus might match that same criteria? The baseball team perhaps? And then I realized, it was really quite simple…

We not only work together, we play together… and sometimes we even cry together.

Those are the ties that bind us together. Those are the bonds through which a community can grow and flourish.

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