Computer Recycling Project

Posted by Debby on 31st March and posted in Robotics

How do geeks spend their first weekend of Spring Break? Parting out old Pentium I, II, and III computers, of course. Our club is working with the campus IT department. We provide the manpower to sanitize hard drives, salvage usable components, and sort parts into recycle stacks. In exchange, the club gets to keep the more usable PIIIs and upgrade them with the salvaged parts. The college clears out a huge backlog of old machines and our guys get toys to play with 🙂 It’s a win-win situation!

At dinner time, I made them all go outside and experience something rather foreign to my geek squad… sunlight, blue sky, and fresh air. They resisted at first, but they have learned that with me, resistance is futile. I made them kick around a soccer ball and play frisbee for a while. We ate pizza, played around, and took a breather from the work indoors. They couldn’t wait to get back inside and on to their tasks, however.

Sometime after dark, two of the faculty came in to visit and I think they were blown away by what they saw. Later on, the dad of my daughter’s friend came to pick her up and couldn’t believe all these people were here working this hard, especially when I told him they weren’t getting paid or getting units. Why were they there then? Because they are technologists, and where computers are, they will follow. Where else would they be?

At the end of the day (which came around 11pm), around 20 people had put in time from noon on, parting out almost 100 machines. I still couldn’t get some of them to go and finally had to push them out the door. We plan on meeting again tomorrow to implement Phase II of our project and I expect that I will see the same energy and enthusiasm as I did today. I told someone tonight that there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t wake up and count my blessings to be a part of such an amazing group of people. Everyone should be so fortunate 🙂


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