Day Two: Arrival of the Peeps

Posted by Debby on 4th January and posted in Robotics

We ended up with an unexpected mix of people participating in this class. I thought it had been marketed only to high school kids so all of my planning and expectations had been geared toward a room full of teenagers. Instead, four kids and four adults found their way to the RoboLab. We spent the first hour dealing with enrollment, registrations, details, and logistical issues. Josh took the tech surveys and split the class into teams of two. We presented the challenge, set up the teams, and let them decide who was going to take on which piece of the action. After a brief overview of how the sensors and brick worked, we turned them loose to see what could be accomplished.

The group dynamic is working very, very well. The teams seem very balanced and there is a lot of cross-team collaboration as they work to accomplish the overall goal. They made a lot of progress today and I’m VERY happy with how things are working out 🙂

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