Rod Serling, Help Me! I’m stuck in the Twilight Zone

Posted by Debby on 3rd January and posted in Robotics

The CornerBusy, busy day, one full of little details and big plans. We packed up our stuff, loaded up the suburban, ran a few errands, and headed out of Dodge around 11:30am. Forty-five minutes later, in another ecosystem, we arrived at the KRV campus. The first challenge was to find out where to get into the building (around the back, we discovered). We took over the building, hauling in loads of legos and misc equipment. The staff at KRV welcomed us with open arms and helped us get everything set up. We did run into some connectivity issues that will hopefully be fixed tomorrow morning. A little grocery shopping on our way out of town and we made our way to the Kernville house. I was battling a full blown migraine by the time we got there. Kandi showed up with Zach and I was almost incapacitated… soon after they left, I laid down for a couple of hours. I felt better once I got up, although only the edge was off the headache. Some dinner and another excedrine and I was mostly back to normal..

It’s interesting to see how personalities come out after hours, once the tasks of the day are done and everyone relaxes. We have such a unique mix of people involved in this project, each with their quirks. Some of that came out as we set up shop in the classrooms. Even more emerged as we relaxed around the virtual campfire, unwinding from the day’s events. Sometimes things are said or done that make me feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone! How did I get myself into this and how in the world am I going to get out? It’s like being the Ringmaster of a circus in which the clowns have gone wild. They are making the crowd laugh, but I’m never quite sure what they’ll do next. Teaching this group has certainly been a personal lesson in giving up control gracefully. When I do that, and step back, that’s when the real strides take place.

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