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Posted by Debby on 9th December and posted in Cultivating Communities, Robotics, Teaching and Learning

The only way to sum up the tour today was AWESOME! At every turn, my guys were engaged and engaging… they were fascinated, interested and curious. They asked intelligent, thoughtful questions. They talked about our program and what we are doing at the college. They looked at the technology and said “we can do that!”. They saw real world applications of simulated computer modeling, robotics, GPS applications, autonomous vehicles, laser technology and many other things. They learned that in the real world, in our own backyard, all of the skills they are developing in this class directly apply to what they saw before them – teamwork, collaboration, problem solving, creative thinking, the ability to figure things out.They represented the college well 🙂

I had the chance to talk about internships that might lead to educational scholarships and full time employment opportunities. I will be following up by meeting with some of my best and brightest and helping them develop resumes and letters of interest at the request of our tour guides, Dr. Alan van Nevel and Dr. Robin Nissan. After spending an afternoon with our students, they are very interested in getting some of them to work out in the research facilities. They enjoyed having our guys out on the base and have invited us back for a second tour in the spring, even talking about making this a regular activity.

I will be uploading all of the pictures (yes, they let me take pictures!) over the weekend, but for now, attached is one that we took out in the Mirror Lake area. We learned about autonomous vehicles there and took this picture on top of the Ford F350 we all had a chance to ride around in.

Mirror Lake ~ NAWS ~ Robotics class

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