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Posted by Debby on 26th April and posted in Class Lego Project

Around 2:15, myself and an advance team went down to the foyer to set up. We pulled a couple of tables around, used the yellow caution tape to rope off an area, made sure everything was where it needed to be, and went back up to the classroom. By 2:45, we were all heading down stairs, computers and robots in hand, to get ready for the demonstration. I told each group that I would ask them to talk for a minute about their design process so that people knew why the robots looked like they did. I had to run back up to get one group of stragglers that were still making lots of last minute adjustments to their bot. I told them they could work on it downstairs while the other groups ran.

At 3, a crowd had gathered, wondering what in the world we were doing. I introduced the project by describing what the challenge was and what I had asked the students to do. I talked a little about the goals of the project and then turned it over to Stephen, who described the programming piece. We wanted them to know that there was much more than just pushing a button to make the robots roll. When we were done with that… it was SHOW TIME!

As each group went, they described their robot and talked about their project. Some worked… some whacked out… but all were applauded. When it was the BIG BALLOON time, everyone held their breath. Would it work? Well, sorta. It floated, and the propellers did spin around, but then a motor fell off. And another. Finally, it kind of crashed into the floor. I think if there had been more time to work on the actual construction and programming though, we could have had a robot that moved and turned under it's own power. Maybe next time!

Finally, the last group that had been hiding on the side came out and made an attempt with the catapult robot. The idea was to fling the President into a net. They had the action right, but the integrity of the robot wasn't stable enough to support that, so it kept falling apart. That's ok. Everyone cheered at their efforts.

Everyone was pretty wiped out when it was all over, so we decided to save videos for next week. What a great experience!


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