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Posted by Debby on 14th June and posted in Student Comments, Teaching and Learning

It’s the first day of a summer session and I have 90 students starting. I’ve been getting lots of emails today, but it’s ones like this that help me know I am on the right track:

“I know you probably have dozens of such emails to read, so I’ll let you get to. I just wanted to say that I find your intense interest in your work inspiring, and I know that I’ll learn a lot from you this summer.”

another students said:

“Thanks for being so enthusiastic about the class! It takes away some of
the fear.” (M.R. CSCI 101 Summer 2010)

and from a journal:

“Thanks for the tips on managing twitter–because of you, I went back on yesterday, for the first time since last fall! Yikes!

I’m still getting caught up on everything, working my way through all the wonderful links and resources on the class page, trying to keep up with all the posts from everyone (and enjoying this class WAY more than I ever thought I would!).” (M.B. CSCI 101 Summer 2010)

I certainly hope I can live up to their expectations!

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