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Posted by Debby on 10th March and posted in Student Comments, Teaching and Learning

I got two warm fuzzy comments this week, one on a class journal and another in the form of a thank you card. These help me touch base with my mission…

I must say that I really appreciate the approach you take to your instructing. You are very patient and encouraging. You keep your office open for easy of asking question which students might feel apprehensive about asking in class. You appear to be a natural in your ability to inspire and encourage (Warm heart, Cool head) students in their quest for computer knowledge. Thank you! (DM, CSCI 101)

Debby, It is not everyday a student will come across a teacher like you. I want you to know, everything you did for Mary Carolyn made me think the world of you. I have never ever had a teacher care as much as you. You truly have made a HUGE difference on the view I had of teachers. Thank you for actually caring! With the way you are, you are going to change the lives of many. THANK YOU!! (BW, CSCI 70)

Really, I don’t know how to do it any other way!

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