Tough Teaching Day

Posted by Debby on 23rd February and posted in Teaching and Learning

Tough teaching day. Sometimes no matter how much you believe in a student, they have a hard time believing in themselves.

February 22 at 5:22pm via Twitter

TM: so true Debby; goes for alot of different situations doesn’t it!

February 22 at 5:26pm

BL: I sometimes think that is the biggest obstacle most students face…

February 22 at 6:24pm

DK: most definitely. i just wish i could give this one the confidence they need. as it was, all i could do was hold her hand and hug her as she cried. they don’t put “counselor” in the job description… but they should.

February 22 at 6:25pm

BL: You know, they forgot to tell me that tutoring is 40% teaching, 60% counseling. That really needs to be in the job description!

February 22 at 6:26pm

JH: And there lies the rub…. I tell students if they try I won’t let them fail. Because they try, its easy to keep my promise.

February 22 at 6:26pm

BC: been there done that…keep believing in them

February 22 at 6:48pm

KB: There are definitely three types of students – those that have too much confidence in their abilities, not enough, and just the right amount. They all need support from instructors and counseling. Good on you for being an instructor that cares enough to notice somebody struggling and in need of some help.

February 22 at 6:59pm

WA: I had one like that last semester and it just breaks your heart!! The lucky thing for your student Deb is that you are their teacher and you really truly care — that is where the true difference is!!

February 22 at 7:36pm

KB: *hugs* (and chocolate) to the people that care out there…

February 22 at 7:40pm

GP: Debby, i signed my daughter up for youe section at the women n science next month.

February 22 at 7:50pm

DR: Amen

February 22 at 8:11pm

GMC: Education is a personal experience. We are our biggest obstacle. However, we conscientiously put the obstacles others give us in our own way.

February 22 at 9:35pm

KB: That is completely true!

February 22 at 10:07pm

SB: Keep being an unfounded optimist it gets you through the tough days;)

February 23 at 10:46am

SB: just kidding, if my students would just realize they are as smart as I think they are they would be unstoppable.

February 23 at 10:47am

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