A Jonathan Moment

Posted by Debby on 31st July and posted in Cultivating Communities

I had a Jonathan moment tonight. A realization of where I am and how I got here, and a possible insight into where I might be going. It was a clarifying moment.

Sue, in her wonderful way, grounded practice in theory in a way that made things clear for the students. It was a concept they had struggled with all week. She was able to start with what they knew and scaffold them up to much higher levels of understanding, giving them a cognitive framework for the journey ahead of them. She gave them a solid footing on which to start their travels.

As we gathered for community circle, one of the GAs said her goodbyes, and mentioned how she wished she was going on the journey with them. Paul started the circle, and as it moved to his left, each camper related tales of frustration and breakthroughs, the concepts of community and what it all meant to them. Another graduate of the program who was there also mentioned that he was jealous of the group because he wanted to be a part of that as well. As I gathered my thoughts for something I could say that might be useful to them, my mind kept coming back to Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

Jonathan, in the pursuit of perfect flight, had to crash into the ocean many times. While the flock clamored for scraps of food on the beach, Jonathan soared higher and faster, racing toward the waves, hoping to pull up before hitting hard water. This whole past year, I have been slammed into the ocean, just as I felt like I was figuring it all out. Time after time, I hit hard, staggered around a bit, and got back up, only to try again. For some reason, something in me said to keep going, to keep trying, to never give up.

Finally, at some point in the last few weeks, I stumbled across the perfect tilt to my wings, and suddenly I found myself catapulted up to the next level. Like Jonathan and his mentor, conversations I’ve had in the past few weeks have lifted me and motivated me and helped me to clarify my thoughts. I don’t have a desire to go back – there is only forward from here.

I have moved up a level from where they all are now, and it’s time to find out how to soar on this plane. I have to study and learn, discover and explore, find my own way with the help of my more capable peers. I have questions, lots of them, that I am seeking the answers to. I am looking forward to the journey from here. Where it is going to take me I have no idea, but I am excited about the prospects. Change is a process… and I am ready for the ride.

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