Why bother blogging?

Posted by Debby on 23rd September and posted in Random Education

I had someone comment that they noticed that many blogs aren’t frequently updated after the initial push to get started. They were starting their own blog and worried about finding the time or motivation to keep up with it. My reply is below:

Time… that’s always the tricky thing. I suppose it all depends on how you look at your site. Is it one more thing “to do”? Or is it an extension of what you already do? Is there a way to make it a value added resource to your existing practice? For example, can you set up a blog category for “bright ideas” – things you just came up with or across, but don’t have time to implement at the moment. In that way, it is a repository for inspiration. Can you set up a category for reflecting on things you have already tried, giving you a place to look back upon for lessons learned? How about a place to post positive comments that others make on what you do, serving as a source of affirmation on those days when things are a little rocky? It can be used to link to and comment on other blog posts or articles that you find particularly interesting or helpful, becoming a knowledge management system of sorts. It can be whatever you want it to be.

I think the most successful blogs are the ones that are done for yourself, without too much worry about what others will think. It has to be relevant and useful to you, before it can be relevant and useful for anyone else. You might surprise yourself and find it’s a time investment worth making!

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