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Posted by Debby on 13th August and posted in Student Comments, Teaching and Learning

“I’m taking two other CSCI courses this summer, and I can honestly say that nothing I can think of needs to be improved. You are always available to the students, and there is a constant sense of presence from you… I’ve learned that Steve Jobs was right, you’ve got to do what you love – even on smaller scales such as this research project.” (~br, CSCI101, summer 09)

“To be honest nothing can really be improved on the intructors side. The instructor has been very understanding and if i or anyone else needs help she is very helpful! I just want to Thank Debbi for her patience and understanding! I enjoyed this online class and it wasn’t to bad considering this was my first online class as well as my first any class in over 10 years.” (~ja, CSCI101, summer 09)

“I like that you have a class schedule that I was able to print out. I was able to keep track of what I had coming up due. As I complete assignment, labs, discussions and other tasks I crossed them off. I wish that all my instructors did something like this.” (~rw, CSCI101, summer 09)

“I have learned how to use Alice this last week. I love creating new methods in the worlds and changing small things here and there to make the world better or seem more real. I’ve also learned how to use Google Docs. I thought this was going to be a huge challenge for me since I’m so used to Microsoft Word, but I find it to be quiet similar and easy to use. My only comment for the instructor is GREAT JOB! I’ve extremly enjoyed the class. I love how you run your class, knowing that assignments are due before the test instead of that week. That relieves a lot of stress. When people work all week long and have a busy weekend it’s hard to get all the work done, but knowning that I could double up the next week made it so much easier and stress free. Thank You!” (~mc, CSCI101, summer 09)

“I don’t have any questions but I would like to say that this class has been very informative and I appreciate the many forms of communication that we can reach you through. Also, the tweet updates are lifesavers! I’ve had so much going on but I’m always checking twitter and your updates put me in check and remind me- “HEY! You’re still taking a class, you better pay attention!” (~cb, csci101, summer 09)

“I have learned that Google has a word processing program online for free. I was always used to using Microsoft Office Word, which works really good, but I cannot afford to buy the product and my free trial is almost up. I am really glad that I took this class because I have learned a lot and it was a very enjoyable class. I liked how everything was very structured and if the student reads all that is posted, they should have no problem finding their way around any of the projects assigned.” (~hg, csci101, summer 09)

I really like it when you incorporate video’s for us to watch and learn by. The last thing I want to do at the end of the day is READ! smile. Thanks for keeping it interesting Debby! (~kh, moodle, summer 09)

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