Entering the Zone

Posted by Debby on 30th May and posted in Transformation

As I reflect on CPWeek, I realize that it made me feel the same way I felt when I first began working full time at the college. I was excited to be participating, yet anxious about my role, about interacting with people I didn’t know, about the whole event. I knew this week was going to take me out of my comfort zone and make me apply ideas and theories that I didn’t feel fully qualified to discuss.

As the week progressed, I could see that I was in a ZPD (see Vygotsky). I was working on the edge of what I already knew and interacting with others that gave me a glimpse of what I needed, and wanted, to learn. I spent a lot of time listening and wondering if I was going to be able to contribute at that level. It was inspiring, and a little daunting, to be around people who have such passion about the power of communities of practice. CoPs as a social revolution is a major idea, one that can change the way we work and learn and share knowledge. I think, for me, the best way to find my way is to just jump in and get involved. “Learning by Doing” is the 4-H pledge… it applies here also!

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