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Cashman, p. 75
Discovering How We Create Our Gifts to Create Value
1. You have only two years to live and will do so with normal energy and vitality. What will you do with these last two years?
I would travel and see parts of the world. I would spend time with my family doing things they are interested in. I would enjoy the company of my friends. I would work on my relationship with my Heavenly Father.

2. I feel most energetic, fulfilled, and �full of life� when I�
When I am engaged in purposeful activity, for example, when I am teaching something I am excited about and the students are excited also.
3. You just own the $100 million lottery jackpot. What will you do with the rest of your life?
I would endow educational accounts for my children. I would spend a large portion of it creating a private university and hire faculty who believed in the power of community and were enthusiastic innovators in their classroom, and then make an education available for free to students. Administrators would be required to teach a class a term to keep their foot in the door and stay in touch with the reason we are all there – to help students become motivated, life-long learners. I would create educational scholarship endowments. Oh, yeah, and I would buy property in some secluded sea-side location where the weather was mild and the scenery magnificent.
4. What is the �something more� inside you waiting for expression?
That is a tough one. I�m not sure. I have never felt very artistic, so maybe that is something deep inside that I would like to be able to express, be it music, dance, theatre, or the arts.
5. What is the recurring theme of your life � the �thing� you are always motivated to do � that is present in all your energetic, fulfilling moments?
I am always motivated to teach others, regardless of the venue. I am just as fulfilled teaching a 4-H dog training project and I am teaching college students how to design web pages. Looking back into my early childhood, I used to line up stuffed animals and play school. It�s just something I have always been able to do � connect to people and motivate them to reach higher, extend their abilities, and take risks. The times I make the connection become my most energetic, fulfilling moments.
6. My gifts are:
The ability to listen, to mentor, to have empathy and understanding, to see the big picture, to multitask.
7. How are you expressing your gifts to make a difference as a leader?
I think I use these gifts daily in my interactions with family, friends, students, and colleagues.
8. How are you expressing your gifts to make a difference in all parts of your life?
I would like to be able to express these more fully to my children. Sometimes it is challenging in the daily routine of bills, laundry, household duties, etc. to stay focused on the big picture, but it is something I work on every day.

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