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Posted by Debby on 16th May and posted in EDC 667

“At the moment we come to know and accept all that has happened in our lives, the possibilities open up – we come to know our purpose in the simple and authentic mindfulness of how we have been, how we now ‘show up’ in the world, and how we want to become.”

Leadership, “On Purpose”, Quote is by his colleague David Brings

Note the resurgence of the word “mindfulness.”

I mentioned briefly in another post about Cashman’s thoughts on how people rarely ever ask us HOW we want to be when we grown up, only WHAT, but this is one of his passages right after that that strikes me as particularly interesting and true – something that resounds true in any facet of life, whether job, personal relationships, or whatever. Hindsight is 20/20 – and if we fully understand why and how something happened (or sometimes just know that there’s some greater force at work, whatever it is) – we can go forward in life with our chin up.

We’ve all had terrible things that have happened to us in life, but in my experience, many of them have a positive ending that may be better than we imagined, with some larger purpose (“purpose?”) for them happening.


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