Cashman Chapter 1

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Leadership from the Inside Out – Kevin Cashman
“Leadership is not simply something we do. It comes from somewhere inside us. Leadership is a process, an intimate expression of who we are. It is our being in action. Our being, our personhood, says as much about us as a leader and the act of leading itself.” (p. 18)
“Our training, development, and educational systems focus on learning about things. We learn what to think, not how to think. We learn what to do, not how to be. We learn what to achieve, not how to achieve. We learn about things, not the nature of things. We tend to fill up the container of knowledge but rarely consider comprehending it, expanding it, or using it more effectively.” (p. 19)

Leadership is authentic self-expression that creates value. (p. 20)
Essential questions:
*How authentic are we as a leader?
*How deep and broad is our self-expression?
*How much value are we creating?
Who are you? Where are you going? Why are you going there? (p. 31)

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