Noam Chomsky: The Purpose of Education

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Noam Chomsky on learning:

“The purpose of an education is to help people determine how to learn on their own. It’s you, the learner, who is going to achieve, in the course of education, and it’s really up to you what you’ll master, where you’ll go, how you will use it.”

On the importance of developing a framework through which to sift all of the information you come across (or, how to deal with information overload):

You can’t pursue any kind of inquiry without a relatively clear framework that’s directing your search and helping you choose what’s significant and what isn’t… If you don’t have some sort of a framework for what matters — always, of course, with the provisor that you’re willing to question it if it seems to be going in the wrong direction — if you don’t have that, exploring the Internet is just picking out the random factoids that don’t mean anything… You have to know how to evaluate, interpret, and understand… The person who wins the Nobel Prize is not the person who read the most journal articles and took the most notes on them. It’s the person who knew what to look for. And cultivating that capacity to seek what’s significant, always willing to question whether you’re on the right track — that’s what education is going to be about, whether it’s using computers and the Internet, or pencil and paper, or books.”

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