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Posted by Debby on 15th December and posted in Teaching and Learning

<sigh> Last night of class is always my least favorite, especially after a good semester. I was very nervous starting this one out, about getting back in the f2f saddle after several semesters away, but it was a ton of fun. Every class has a personality, and this class had LOTS of personality. So many stories. So many places they are heading after here. I had one tell me that she told her son to take my class next semester. A couple of the re-entry students stayed afterwards and thanked me for teaching them. I had a chance to chat with the class overachiever (the one who did ALL of the extra credit and was still worried about his grade) about taking the time to be a student of himself so that he could make wise choices when it comes to his career path ahead. I told them all to keep in touch and let me know about their academic adventures ahead. Some might. Some won’t. Maybe one or two I’ll hear from years down the road. That’s the nature of the job, I suppose.

All semester long we talk about technology. We talk about the nuts and bolts of computers. We talk about the past, we look at the present, and we wonder about the future. We try things out and push a few comfort zones. We think through the ethical, social, financial, and personal issues around technology and we become producers instead of just passive users. More than anything, I hope they become intelligent consumers of information, able to take a critical look at all of the stuff that they are immersed in every single day, and I hope they feel empowered to make a difference out there somehow. I am thankful that the VVC guys took a chance and let me into the classroom and I am thankful that I had the opportunity to share ideas with these guys every Tuesday evening for the past 16 weeks. What a great way to spend a semester! 

CIS 101 Fall 2012




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