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Posted by Debby on 25th March and posted in Cultivating Communities

Today was a small town community day. The radio has been advertising a “Home and Garden” show for a couple of weeks and I’ve been looking forward to going, mostly to find out what will actually grow here. We got to the fairgrounds expecting a big event, and it turned out to be the local garden club plant sale. I did get 10 vinca and 10 trumpet vines for a dollar apiece. The lady at the checkout was Margaret, the woman I bought the house from. Now I just need to find a place to put them!
Since I was in a gardening frame of mind, we went over to Walmart’s garden department and I priced out some trees and plants. Next stop was the Home Depot garden department. I found a couple of things I wanted but I didn’t get anything because I want to make sure the ground is ready first. I have a list of things I think will grow here but I need to email it to my cousin, the landscape architect, for his input before I go off buying anything.

On the way home, we stopped into the antique shops in Inyokern just to see what was there. We met a couple of very interesting people and even found two old suitcase trunks that I have been looking for. At one store there was a flyer for a Chamber of Commerce spaghetti dinner at the Inyokern Town Hall. When we got home, Alex and Greg came by to change the oil in the Suburban and I even managed to take a nap for a few hours.
We showed up to the dinner at 6pm or so. American Flags were flying high over the Town Hall building and lights were on so we figured we were in the right place. I walked in and it reminded me of the bingo nights at Sequoia Dawn! Small room, lots of older people there, and up in front, the Roses & Renegades Line Dancers. They were having so much fun dancing and twirling and whooping it up that it was really fun to watch.
I stepped to the back of the room to ask about raffle tickets and talked to the Grand Dame of Inyokern (who’s name I can’t recall at this moment). She informed me that this was the largest turnout ever for the dinner and I had to hold back a giggle as I looked over the 25 or so people that were there. I sat back down in time for the Grand Finale, a enthusiastic medley of tunes sung by one of the dancers. He was so dramatic, so into his performance, that it was almost funny. The dancers were lined up behind him, all holding small American flags. They were so serious about their performance. It was totally cheesy small town talent show and I loved it! When they were done, dinner was served up. Nothing fancy, but yummy. We stayed for a while, chatted with Margaret (who belongs to the Chamber), enjoyed our dessert of vanilla ice cream and a girl scout cookie, and then headed home.
Just another day in small town America 🙂

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