Pomp and Circumstances

Posted by Debby on 29th May and posted in Cultivating Communities

Porterville College’s graduation last night was a bitter sweet experience. I was able to wear the Master’s hood for the first time. There were hugs and well-wishes from friends and many comments about how much I would be missed. I was surrounded by people I love and respect, and people that I will dearly miss seeing on a regular basis. Some, I have known forever. I’ve known Ted since I was 15 years old. Others, Like Terry, are new friends. Watching Andy and Buzz, listening to Rene’ verbally spar with Bill, Craig, and Jim, Ann-Marie’s quiet strength, just seeing everyone all together … I am so going to miss all of that.
If circumstances had been different, I would have been perfectly happy to stay with these people forever. They welcomed me into their community, supported my efforts, encouraged my professional development, and motivated me to constantly reach higher. They gave me the experiences I needed to move on to where I am going. I am so thankful for the time we had. And it is a wonderful feeling to know I am leaving someplace where I will be missed, and where I know I will be welcome back if the winds blow in a different direction. Thank you 🙂

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