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I received the email below yesterday on the campus faculty listserv. Would it be too cliche’ to say I am honored just to be nominated? A colleague told me today that he wanted to make sure that I knew my work, contributions, and efforts were appreciated. In light of a lot of other crud going on at the moment, this was a welcome and very pleasant surprise.
Note: I noticed that all of the criteria begin with “The candidate should be committed… “
I wonder if that means a straight jacket and padded room are in my future? Maybe I should rethink what this nomination means 😉

The following Cerro Coso faculty members were nominated by members of the Academic Senate to be considered for the prestigious Hayward Award for Excellence in Education.
Leo Girardot _____
Lisa Fuller _____
Valerie Karnes_____
Debby Kilburn_____
Corey Marvin_____
June Wasserman_____
Please read the following State Academic Senate guidelines carefully before making your selection:

The following are guidelines to be used in making the final selection of one nominee from each of the four Academic Senate areas. At a minimum, the candidate shall excel in the first two areas of commitment.
1. The candidate should be committed to serving students, either within the classroom as an instructor or outside the classroom as a librarian, counselor, or student services faculty member. The philosophy statement and supporting letter from the local senate should reflect this commitment.
2. The candidate should be committed to the fundamental principles of the California Community College mission. There should be evidence of support for open access and for helping students succeed. The candidate’s papers should reflect a commitment to the college at which the candidate works, perhaps through suggestions of ways the candidate has helped to improve the educational environment.
3. The candidate should be committed to serving the institution through participation in professional and/or student activities. There should be evidence of participation with the academic senate, department, or student groups.
4. The candidate should be committed to education. There should be evidence that the candidate maintains currency in the discipline and communicates to students and colleagues an enthusiasm for the discipline and for education in general.
5. The candidate should be committed to serving as a representative of the profession beyond the local institution through service in statewide and/or national activities. There should be evidence of activities that reveal a broader scope of interest, perhaps through publications, participation in community groups, or participation in state or national organizations.
Voting Instructions:
Please vote for one nominee. Please send your vote as a reply to this email, do not send to reply all. The balloting will conclude on Wednesday at 5:00 pm.

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