Airheaded Questions

Posted by Debby on 1st February and posted in Teaching and Learning

Posted today in one of my online classes:
Student One: I’m not trying to sound like an airhead, or dumb, but since we got started late with the class, what week should we be on? I’m just wondering so I know what assignments I need to have done by Sunday at midnight. What should we have done so far? If anybody can get back to me I’d greatly appreciate it.
Student Two: Trust me there are no air headed questions in a Kilburn class! So far as I can tell we are on week one and the only assignment given was to get familiar with the students on the DB and look around the class. Oh yeah, there is a lecture on the history of the net we have to read that I found informative. You pretty much have this week’s assignments in the bag, girl!
Me: LOL (laugh out loud)! Thanks for making my day! I don’t know about airheaded questions, but there are sure some days I feel like an airheaded instructor!!

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