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Abstract: From Goats to Graduates: The Power of Community

Posted by Debby on 9th July in EDC 638C

The original scope of my action research project began with my experience that online students tend to feel isolated from their peers and from their instructors, and a feeling that helping students make connections to each other would be beneficial to them. This observation was based on my own experience as an online student and […]

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Thinking Out Loud

Posted by Debby on 5th July in EDC 638C

Ok folks, here it is, the concept anyhow. I am going with a minimalist approach. I wish I had actually read the “Cultivating Communities of Practice” book in the fall when I bought it. I would have recognized all of this WAY sooner. So here’s the premise… I am involved in many communities of practice, […]

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Natural Lines of Connection

Posted by Debby on 4th July in EDC 638C

Observation on “natural lines of connections” [Cultivating Communities of Practice, p. 101] Peer review groups were set up for the ARP abstracts. Some worked and some didn’t. Mine didn’t. However, I went to my own peers for review, the folks I have been bouncing ideas off of all year anyhow. I think the prof just […]

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From Goats to Graduates

Posted by Debby on 25th June in EDC 638C

Ok, so I am sitting in the dentist office this morning, waiting for 3 of my kids to rotate through, reading Cultivating Communities of Practice. Going through the part about the stages of a CoP, and something suddenly clicked. I think I found my theme to tie together the faculty piece, the student piece, and […]

An Insight?

Posted by Debby on 20th June in EDC 638C

The answer is: What you just said below might be the insight. That you knew more than you thought you did, but found value in a new set of communities to collaborate with. (email from Cat today) The problem was: One of my problems in writing all of this up is that I don’t feel […]

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My Presentation

Posted by Debby on 8th May in EDC 638C

The workshop was presented at 9am on Thursday, May 8th. I made sure to get down to the room by 8 with some of my materials so I would have ample time to set up, get connected, etc. Good thing I did! There was no way to connect to the projector or Internet. I called […]

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Summer tri

Posted by Debby on 26th April in EDC 638C

Spring break is almost over… just getting reading for the LAST trimester! 0Print PDF

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